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Author Hour Grant Dennis
Author Hour Grant Dennis

Upper Cervical Care

The difference in care at The Specific is simple, yet powerful. We objectively measure all aspects of clinical care using both Computerized Infrared Thermography and Biomechanical, Digital X-rays while focusing solely on the top two bones of the neck and the unique relationship those bones have with the central nervous system. These elements alone allow us to get results with our patients’ health where there haven’t been any.

We love helping people overcome chronic health challenges who haven’t responded to traditional medical or traditional chiropractic care. Our favorite phrases are:


  • “I’ve tried everything”
  • “I’m just going to have to try and live with it.”


We stand for empowering our community to make smarter choices relative to their health and wellness, and that means providing them with the environment and opportunities to do so. Not only are we passionate about what we do (and good at it!), we’re committed to creating workshops and events to help further our community’s ability to heal, grow, and thrive beyond their greatest potential.

Meet Dr. Grant Dennis

And I get to be apart of life-changing, meaningful, healing work every day. As a practicing upper cervical specific chiropractor, I shape real lives from my clinic in Little Rock, and on medical outreach trips across Latin America, and the world. As a professional mentor, I match new, on-fire young chiropractors to fulfilling positions with industry leaders. Whether you’re a patient who has lost hope in their health, or a recent graduate seeking purpose, I exist to help restore the path you were meant to follow.

My name is Dr. Cameron Daniels

And I stand for a world where I utilize my God given authenticity, inspiration, and education to provide people the ability to live beyond expectations as it relates to their health concerns. I have a passion for meeting people where they’re at and accelerating their vision for where they wish to go. As a practicing upper cervical chiropractor, I get to be part of something bigger than myself by taking care of wonderful people who once thought that all their options were exhausted.

My name is Dr. Chris Brown

And I have the privilege of enlightening others that having a happy mind is possible and that the first steps towards achieving a happy mind is a healthy brain. My role in brain health is laying down the foundational piece of that puzzle which provides the opportunity for all the other pieces to fall into place effortlessly. As a practicing upper cervical chiropractor, I get to witness humans embark on their transition from existing to actually living, from being the passenger of their life to being the pilot of their life, through central nervous system restoration.