6 Month Proven Program for Healing Chronic Neck Pain

It is simply astonishing to think that 85% of the U.S. population will suffer from back or neck pain at some point in their lives; with neck pain being 45% of that 85% of people. It is a condition that starts off as a little “crick” or “twinge” that you notice rarely, that silently moves to “popping” or “cracking”, as you move your head in different motions that you begin to notice more often; to full-blown pain in the neck that refers pain into the upper shoulders, and upper arms, and then over time down into the hands and fingers, with little to no motion in your neck, and it begins to bother you ALL the time. Sound familiar?

        As an upper cervical specific specialist, neck pain is my bread and butter, and if you are one of those that suffer from recurring and long-standing neck pain; the best thing for you, is me. I have dedicated my life to people, just like you, and have developed a 6-month plan that has been proven time and time again to get excellent results with neck pain, and the deficiencies that come with it. In fact, 75% of the people who follow my plan in it’s entirety have experienced a 75% to 100% decrease in their deficiencies, and pain levels over that time period. Some of these folks have been gracious enough to share their story on our testimonial page that you see on our web site. You are no exception. I believe in a world, where people have the opportunity to not just survive in this life, but THRIVE in this life. Below is the blueprint outline, and if this is something that resonates with you, and have found yourself trying everything, and nothing has worked; this plan is just for you.

  • Stabilization Phase (1 to 2 months)

        The most important aspect of the body that I find is most often left out in the evaluation and management of neck pain is the nervous system. Many people first try massage to manage the muscular system, and it works for a bit, but still keeps coming back. Then, they progress to a chiropractor, who moves bones that could be causing your problem, and it too, gives you symptomatic relief for a couple of days, but it still keeps coming back. Then, you might move to a physical therapist, who again is excellent at working on the muscular component via muscle work, or fascial restriction therapy, and it again, allows you to have symptomatic relief and improvement, but not to the effect you are looking for. The missing link that no one addresses is the nervous system. The nerve controls the muscle. You see, pain in the neck being signaled to the brain is a siren going off saying, “Houston, we have a problem.” Which is why the worst thing you could ever do is take a medication, or muscle relaxer, that turns this siren off. We need for the brain to recognize there is a problem, and send the cavalry to resolute whatever problem exists in your neck, but more importantly, we need this communication to occur in your nervous system, quickly, efficiently, and at 100% without any interference; basically, no static in the phone lines. The stabilization phase, of my blueprint, is aimed at locating where these interferences are occurring in your nervous system, removing them, and keeping them removed over a long enough period of time that stabilizes the work we are going to do moving forward.

neck pain

  • Healing Phase (1 to 2 months)

       I need for you to understand, our bodies are designed to heal, and self regulates themselves. This is why when you get a cut, it heals; when you eat, your stomach digests the food; when you go to sleep, you keep breathing. All of these things are happening and being carried out by your brain, and nervous system, without you ever actually thinking consciously about it. Your neck is no different. The reason you have recurring and long-standing pain is that your body is simply not recognizing a problem, and healing it. The problem is in your healing mechanism; there is an obstruction to that mechanism that is most likely occurring at the level of the top two bones in your neck. The cells and tissues of your neck are trying to communicate to your brain, and your brain is trying to get this information, interpret it, and send the appropriate healing response; when there is interference, it is like static in the phone line, what we have here is a failure to communicate. What I have found is that people with neck pain have never had two things: their nervous system (healing mechanism) checked for interference, and they’ve never had the top two bones in their neck checked to see if they are misaligned, which causes the interference to your healing mechanism that we are looking for. The goal by the end of both the stabilization, and the healing phase is to locate this interference in your nervous system, locate the misalignment in your upper neck that is causing it, correct this misalignment that is causing the interference in your nervous system, and keep the correction holding, and the interference removed for as long as possible so that healing takes place in your neck for the remaining one to two months of the blueprint so that your body can heal.

  • Restoration Phase (1 to 2 months)

       In my opinion, this is the most crucial phase in the protocol. By this time, two to four months in, my patients have noticed, felt, and experienced a huge decrease in their symptoms, and now know what it feels like to have a clear nervous system that is functioning to heal their neck at an incredibly high rate. But, that comes with the temptation that because I feel so much better, I don’t have to keep coming to get checked, and adjusted, when necessary. It is my job to explain to them that just because we are pain-free, or the pain has dropped considerably doesn’t necessarily mean that they are now well, and we are out of the woods. There is a huge difference between being pain-free, and well. The body in this phase of care has healed and began restoring the problem that was causing the symptoms, but it is still in the process of restoring the body to a whole state again. In most cases, if you have had neck pain for a year or longer, it took three to four years for this problem to occur, and be severe enough for you to experience symptoms. Which is why, it would make sense it will take at least six months of conservative nervous system monitoring before we can consider you 100% well with absolute certainty that these pain and symptoms, not only go away but STAY away. Living life well means you forget at some point you ever had a neck pain problem, but you sure remember what it was like living with it. It is my job as your doctor, most importantly, to find out why you are in pain, which will allow me to get rid of the root cause of the pain, and allow you to live life well without this problem affecting your life at all. Like the famous artist, George Strait so famously said, “There’s a difference in living, and living well.” At the Specific Chiropractic Center, this is our goal for all of our patients; that they live life not defined by their present state of health. If you, or someone you know, is suffering send them our way. It certainly wouldn’t be fair to say you have tried everything until you have given my four to six-month program a shot. What do you have to lose?

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