Hey Migraine Sufferer! Have You Been Tested for THIS?

One MRI could cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 dollars at a time, and leave you with a finding of “unremarkable”, or “normal.”

If you are a chronic headache or migraine sufferer, then this is probably frustration that you have experienced and sounds all too familiar…

You probably also have been from neurologist to neurologist, and tried multiple different traditional medical routes, and have found little to no answers for what could be the ROOT CAUSE for your life-altering migraines.

Because over 60% of my practice is migraines, and we see as high as an 80-85% success rate in helping to eliminate migraine headaches from people’s lives, I wanted to fill you in on a little-known test that I consider to be one of the best-kept secrets in health care.



The Migraine Test 

It’s called Computerized Infrared Imaging… Have you ever had this unique testing done of your brainstem and nervous system?

If the answer is yes… Then, you can simply click away from this article, and know that that box has been checked off your list of “Hopeful Options”.

If the answer is no… then, this quite possibly could be the greatest “click” you have ever made in your life…


How The Specific Can Help 

What we see all the time in people just like YOU is that the upper bone in the neck (C1), which is called the atlas (one of only two bones in the entire spinal column with its own name), has become misaligned at some point in your life due to some trauma (unbeknownst to you), and has been placing abnormal stress, and pressure on your brainstem, the blood vessels of the upper neck, head, and brain, and the cerebrospinal drainage system of your brain, and spinal column..

The most rewarding part of my job is locating this in qualified candidates, and removing this problem, and keeping it removed for as long as possible, and watching those who are suffering return to a normal life FREE of headaches, and migraines, and the awful havoc it wreaks on their lives, and the lives of their families and friends..

My purpose on this Earth is to let NOT ONE person that is suffering be left in the dark about Upper Cervical Care being an option to helping them get their life back. One of the most common things I hear in my office on a daily basis from people that USED to suffer from migraine headaches is “Why did NOBODY tell me about this sooner…?”

If life without migraine headaches is something that brings tears to your eyes or has become something you believe could never be possible, then the best thing for YOU could be us!

Give us a call at 501-420-2815 to find out how easy setting up a complimentary consultation with us to get your CII testing could be!

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Yours in health,

Dr. Grant Dennis