One of the most frustrating things I see clinically are the Doctors who’ve previously told my patients that “there is no hope”. They tell them that they have exhausted all of their options and that they are going to have to “just live with it”.

The reason why I find this frustrating is because there is hope. There has to be. The body was at one time healthy, and now all of a sudden it’s sick and it has to STAY sick?

I don’t buy it… and neither should you.

Key Takeaway: If the body was once well, it can get well.

The Body Can Get Well

God did not mess up when He designed our bodies. Our bodies are meant to be well. Of course, free will gives us the opportunity to do certain things that can disrupt the natural healing power that is within our bodies. The big 3 things are…

  • Emotional Stressors (work, family, grief)
  • Physical Stressors (car accident, falling on head as a child)
  • Chemical Stressors (food/water we eat, mold exposure, air quality)

These 3 things occur naturally in everyday life. It is when our bodies are unable to overcome the amount of stressors that are coming into our system when the dis-ease process begins. If your body at one point was well, it can get back to being AT-ease.

Key Takeaway: When external stressors overload the body, symptoms begin to develop as an indicator that there is something wrong.

We Can Actually Measure the Healing Mechanism of the Body

The development of science is incredible. There is a tool we use here in the clinic called computer infrared thermography. What it measures is the function of the nervous system and how effectively the body is healing. This is the foundation of everything we do in the clinic and lets us know if the health challenges you are facing are a result of the nervous system being imbalanced.

Key Takeaway: You can measure how your body is healing!

Let’s Get Your Nervous System Checked

If you are reading this and you are interested in getting your nervous system checked, we offer complimentary consultations to the Arkansas community. In this consultation we will actually measure your body’s ability of healing and necessary steps moving forward. Click here to schedule a call with us and let’s get you well.

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