Fishing on a boat is a good thing, constantly feeling like you are fishing on a boat is a very bad thing. Vertigo is not by any stretch of an imagination a fun thing… It’s characterized by a feeling of dizziness or spinning, and it might make standing up seem impossible. There is hope! In this blog post, I’ll discuss 9 different options you have for treating your vertigo in the most natural way possible.

1. Get a massage

Sometimes the muscle around the upper area of the neck, the trapezius, can cause issues with vertigo. Try to get a massage from someone who knows what they’re doing, or you could try self-massaging your neck and shoulders! 

If this is not an option for some reason then I would recommend taking Ginkgo Biloba which has been shown to help dizziness symptoms in patients suffering from Ménière’s disease. 

2. Drink Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea has been shown to improve symptoms of vertigo in people. If you have an aversion to peppermint tea, there are other options like taking ginger pills, which seem promising as well for those who suffer from both vertigo and motion sickness. It should be noted that anti-nausea drugs such as promethazine may help reduce nausea associated within patients living with balance disorders but these medications really only work when taken before periods where one would experience intense dizziness episodes; I recommend consulting your physician if this is something worth looking into.

3. Hot Bath in Epsom Salt and Lavender Oil

Epsom salt baths are relaxing and can help relieve stress. Chemical compounds in lavender have been shown to ease anxiety and depression as well! What is interesting about epsom salt is that it’s known for healing properties. It is a great way of relieving pain from sore muscles (think back strain or arthritis). 

4. Manage Your Diet

What we eat has a direct impact on our brain and body.  A healthy diet can contribute to being less dizzy – think whole grains, leafy veggies & fruits (& what you drink!).

5. Sleep on Your Back

Sleep on your back with a pillow under your head and neck to help keep the ear canal open and prevent fluid from accumulating in the inner ear, which can lead to dizziness or vertigo.

6. Get Some Sun

Sit in the sun for 10-15 minutes every day to help get your vitamin D and serotonin levels back to normal; this will help regulate your balance system as well as moods and sleep patterns! 

7. Soak in a Bath

Sinking into warm water can be very soothing and help you feel better. The mood regulation that people experience from soaking in a warm bath allows the body to be more at ease with the situation and provides great temporary relief for those who suffer from vertigo. To get the full benefits, vertigo sufferers with chronic pain should consider using epsom salts or adding essential oils to their baths such lavender oil (see #3). 

8. Manage Stress

Stress related vertigo can be an adverse effect of stress. Stress can cause a person’s neck muscles to contract, which will in turn affect their balance and lead them towards feeling dizzy or lightheaded when they stand up again. Have you ever considered why a majority of the people who claim they are stressed have a head that leans forward over their shoulders? Effective ways to manage stress can be practicing deep breathing exercises, practicing coping skills, yoga, tai chi, and practicing hobbies you love to do (reading, fishing, hiking, etc).

9. Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Oftentimes people who struggle with vertigo will have some sort of nervous system issue going on and they don’t even know it. At The Specific Chiropractic Centers we work directly with the nervous system and its relationship to everything that’s going on in the body. By working with the nervous system we impact all of the muscles in the body as well as the balance centers in the brain. We are able to measure the nervous system at every visit and we can see if things are working correctly or incorrectly. Once we get the nervous system working how it’s supposed to, people often start to feel better and experience less and less vertigo as their nervous system stabilizes.

My prayer is that this post helped! If there’s anything I haven’t covered that might help please ask me any questions. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us as well if you feel that we could help!

In health and happiness,

Dr. Cam