Get Relief from Migraines Using THIS Little Known Ingredient
If you are reading this it is probably because you, or someone you know is suffering daily, or weekly from migraine headaches. Migraines suck. I see in my practice a lot of migraine and headache patients, and taking them from a place of just surviving through life, to a place of thriving in life, is what I live for. While there are many theories behind what causes headaches and migraines, there are many known remedies that tend to help with the symptoms associated with migraines. Here is one I have came across lately in my research, and have had my patients use that we have found sometimes effective that I wanted to pass along, maybe it will help you or your loved one!

Himalayan Lemon Salt Shot

1/2 ounce to 1 ounce of organic lemon juice

1 tablespoon of Himalayan Rock Salt

1 Cup of Distilled Warm Water

Warm up 1 cup of distilled water to the point that it is just warm enough to sip or drink, add 1 tablespoon of Himalayan salt into the water, and stir until it dissolves into a solution; then add the amount of lemon juice that works for you. While it is not the best tasting thing in the world, many have found it effective in taking a migraine to a low grade headache that is manageable, or sometimes even eliminating symptoms completely. The theory is in lowering osmotic pressure that is believed to be linked in causing symptoms of headaches due to increased pressure and fluid in the cells of the brain, and muscles of the head, and neck that trigger migraines, especially on low pressure days, such as when storms, fronts, or weather change are imminent.  

If you start experiencing achiness, aura, or stimulus that leads you to believe a migraine could possibly be on the horizon, give this shot a try, and then rest for thirty minutes with eyes closed. Hope this helps! Dr. Grant will be discussing this option, as well as MANY others, at his next upcoming workshop, “The Headache/Migraine Solution.” If you are interested in attending, you can register by clicking this link,, and it will reserve your spot! As always, if there is ever any help I can be in helping you make a smart choice relative to you or someone you love’s health and well being, never hesitate to reach out!

Yours in health,

Dr. Grant,, 501-420-2815