If it’s one thing I know about Arkansas…

The weather fronts here change like crazy!

Of course, if you suffer from migraines, fibromyalgia, or any other condition that flares up with weather changes you know this too…

If this is you, I wanted to extend my knowledge and provide you with some tips to help you transition in this season.

Tip #1: Prepare.

Checking in with the changes of barometric pressure will help you identify when it may be best to utilize the techniques I will state below.

If you know that you are prone to a flare up with weather changes, prepare by looking at the differences in pressure between day to days.

If there is a significant change in pressure, then it is a good idea to prep yourself.

Rule of thumb is this… Is there a storm or massive drop in temperature on the radar? There is more than likely going to be a big change in pressure if so.

Tip #2: Avoid skipping meals.

Ok, but not in the traditional “eat 3 meals a day” sense.

Essentially, whatever your typical eating pattern is stick to that.

I know, sounds easy.

However, if it is one thing I’ve noticed taking care of people it’s that when someone is experiencing a flare up they tend to take care of themselves last.

So I encourage you to stick to your typical eating schedule. Nothing more, nothing less.

Tip #3: Get your nervous system checked.

By getting your nervous system checked, you would be able to see if there is a greater underlying issue not being resolved.

I’ve noticed that when it comes to migraines, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, neuropathy, etc. that eliminating an underlying problem in the nervous system stops my patients worry of storm fronts.

This is because we fixed the greater problem that has been hiding in their nervous system the entire time.

Now, I understand that I have many people reading this may not be located in Arkansas. I still want to be a resource to you and help you find a Doctor who specializes in what I do.

Click here to schedule a complimentary phone consultation

This is where we can talk more in depth about your health challenges and determine if cause of your weather front flare ups could be coming from an underlying nervous system issue.

Tip #4: Find a routine, and stick to it.

Many people operate their day to day lives without a routine.

I encourage my patients to develop a routine that resonates with their daily way of living.

For example, my morning routine starts as soon as I wake up (which varies depending on what my body needs). My wind down routine begins at 7:30 pm everyday with my family.

Having a routine helps wire neural circuits in your brain and helps bring balance into your life when “chaos” comes, such as weather front flare ups.

If you need help finding what activities you would like to implement into a routine,

I encourage you to join my free 14 day habit reset challenge

This challenge has helped many people find what it is that they enjoy doing day to day and implementing them for a more happy and productive day.

Yours in Service,

Dr. Cam