How the Specific, also, is for Making America Great Again
Donald Trump swept the recent presidential race by utilizing a slogan that resonated with people around the U.S. that hit the poles and voiced their support more than we have ever seen before. He voiced a message of unity, and a deep desire to Make America Great Again, by making PEOPLE great again. At the Specific, we too, stand for making America Great Again by making the PEOPLE great again. Mr. Trump in his inauguration speech used the word “people” time and time again, upwards of twenty or so times, to convey a message that it is time the people take their country back again.
At the Specific, we also stand for this. We, too, are about empowering people. A country where people can take back control of their health again. In a country, that has been run by pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies, and hospitals for the last two to three decades, it is time to for people to realize these companies are not where health comes from, and they have made BILLIONS over the last couple of decades making you believe that! True health and wellness comes from within your own body’s ability to regulate itself. Not from the latest pharmaceutical you saw on TV, not from a potion or lotion that some company tells you is the key to overcoming chronic pain or disease, it comes from your own body’s ability to heal! Taking back your health affords you the ability to be great, independently great again, not reliant on someone else, which in turn, also makes America great again at the same time, in these key areas:

  • Lower Life Insurance Premiums – if you have ever had a life insurance policy, then you know the first thing you have to do is go get your health assessed. The more unhealthy you are, the higher risk you are, thus making the premium higher. By taking a grip of your health proactively, you actually save in this area over time year end on year end.
  • Lower Health Insurance Premiums – check this out, if you are proactively staying healthy, that lends you less doctors visits, less medications, and less money on medical related expenses, which would make it make sense for you to get a policy that has the lowest premium possible (because having health insurance is safe, necessary, and important), with the highest deductible possible because if you’re healthy you’re not using it anyways (money down the drain). You can then, set-up an HSA account (which you can talk to your CPA, or accountant about) that will allow you to accumulate tax-free money over time that rolls over year to year, that you can then use for your health care needs, AS YOU NEED THEM. Basically like a debit card, and in the event, the unforeseen happens, you can still use these dollars to satisfy your deductible, and have your insurance kick in 100% for the high cost of surgeries, and such that you or your family might need. And if you’re healthy, and don’t need to use it; it’s tax-free money that you save.

Look, health comes from your nervous system. Healing is the true measurement of health. If your body heals, and regulates itself well, then you will be healthy and well. It’s that simple. Our type of care is utilized by less than 10% of people, but those 10% of people THRIVE in this life, not just survive. By making sure each person in our clinics get great results, we at the Specific, aim to one person at a time, make people GREAT again, which will in turn, make AMERICA great again. Not dependent on pharmaceuticals, not dependent on insurance companies, and not dependent on the government to hold our hand. You do You.

Honestly, we NEED good doctors, surgeons, and pharmaceuticals, but the idea that they are the first and only thing that can get you better is just not true. The key is there is a time, and there is a place for everything. Can you imagine a world where pharmaceuticals, and insurance aren’t the leading profit stream in America; instead, the people are. It existed years and years ago when our ancestors built this great country, before pharmaceuticals, and before Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Aetna; my hope, and the hope of the Specific is that this world again exists. And, in agreement with what the President, and what everyone clearly wants: Make America Great Again.

Yours in health,

Dr. Grant,, 501-420-2815