The Wisest Investment in 2017
A wise man once said, in fact, it was Dalai Lama, that man sacrifices his health in order to gain wealth, and then sacrifices his wealth in order to regain his health. As a health care practitioner in today’s world full of pills, potions, and lotions, this has never been more apparent to me. What I see are people who have been dealing with chronic, long term health issues, such as headaches/migraines, neck pain, sleep deprivation/insomnia, and the list goes on, and they wait until this problem seriously interferes with their ability to work, and make money, or play golf, before they go and seek out methods of relief for their issue. And usually it is some form of a pill, or surgery that they have been told restores health.

Folks, the most valuable asset, in my opinion, in a VERY unhealthy world that is getting more and more obese, inactive, uninformed, and most importantly, expensive, is in your health. By investing in your own health, your making an investment and literally betting on yourself. Is there a more controllable Vegas odd than betting on yourself? What I tell my patients who come to see me for common, long-term, unresolved health issues is the true transaction is not money for my services, it is money you are investing on yourself, and your own body’s ability to heal.

You see, I believe, the wisest, and most powerful doctor on the planet is not at Mayo Clinic, or some other world renowned hospital (although they are some of the finest in the world, and we need them); it’s a superhero that lives within each and every one of us. When you get a cut on your hand, it heals. When you eat some food and it enters your stomach, your body secretes acid. When you’re sleeping, you breathe. When you exercise, your heart rate increases. All of this happens without you ever thinking about it. The innate intelligence of your body is regulating and controlling all functions of your body at all times; without you ever voluntarily thinking about it. The point is whatever your problem is, the reason it hasn’t been resolved is because your body has lost the ability for you to regulate that particular function: let’s say high blood pressure, for example. The brain regulates blood pressure via the brainstem, to the heart, via the Vagus nerve, and the nervous system. If the communication line between the brain, and the heart is off, or being interfered with, blood pressure regulation becomes difficult to maintain. When left long enough, it leads to the symptom of headache, and high blood pressure, or a pressure over 120/80. My patient’s understand this, make the investment in knowing that by restoring the communication lines from the brain to the heart, and vice versa, their odds are in their favor that the high blood pressure will start regulating itself (like we know it can, and could all along), and the blood pressure will resume to your individual normal.

The same can be said for all kinds of issues people commonly are concerned with, instead of investing your time, money, and insanity on pills, potions, or lotions, invest these things in yourself, and your bodies own ability to heal. Let us show you how easy, and cost effective it is to not just be symptom free, but live life WELL. Because after all, can we do anything without good health?

Dr. Grant