THESE may not be as bad for you as you may have thought…
One of my favorite questions to ask my patients is, “What do you want in life?” Some say success, some say money, some say wisdom, and rarely some will say happiness. But I’m here to tell you that without something very key; none of these could ever come to be for you. Think for a second, what is the #1 thing you want to achieve in your life’s time….

Now, whatever that is, first, I want you to understand that it is DEFINITELY achievable. But, the kicker is, without good HEALTH none of these things, including what is in your head is achievable. Look at some of the most successful, wealthy, vibrant, and highly respected men and women in the world, and they all have one commonality; they all are some of the most healthy people you will see. Now, there are always exceptions, but for the most part, this holds true. SO the questions becomes, what is health?

Our current healthcare model in the U.S. (which is not even in the top 20 in the world, by the way) has taught us to believe that health = no symptoms. But, there is a problem with this, let’s look at the top four leading causes of death in the U.S… Heart disease, Cancer, Stroke, and Chronic Disease. None of these have a symptom associated with them until you HAVE the heart attack, the stroke, the cancer, or the chronic disease process. There usually are NO SYMPTOMS or warning signs. So, I’m here to tell you, symptoms are not as bad as you have been made to believe. They actually are a blessing.

At the Specific Chiropractic Center, we empower our communities to make smart choices relative to their health and well-being. One of those choices is to choose that symptoms can be a negative, but also a POSITIVE. When you first have braces put on, it hurts; when you work out your legs for the first time, it hurts; when you ingest bacteria on nasty chinese buffet food, it hurts; but do you see how they actually are a positive for the overall betterment of you?! The goal is now my teeth are straight, my legs are stronger, and my body gets rid of harmful bacteria; all at the expense of first experiencing a symptom. If you had a twenty degree curve in your spine, and we began the process of correcting that, and as it became straighter and straighter, do you think that process would be a pleasant one? Of course not, but the symptom of pain and tightness would ACTUALLY let us know something positive could be happening, and when your spine is straight, and it is now functioning; the symptom was the indicator.

The moral of the story is health DOES NOT always equal no symptoms. In fact, the opposite is true. Symptoms are not bad, they are a sign that our body is at work. It lets us know that it is busy regulating, changing, and policing all that it needs to do to keep our bodies at ease, and healthy. If you are interested in what the true definition of health, and the optimal expression of life is; I would be honored to share that with you. You can do so by attending our next upcoming Big Idea class, or by visiting, and scheduling your complimentary consultation and beginning your road to health and wellness.

Yours in health,

Dr. Grant, 501-420-2815,,