What does YOUR life look like without headaches, or migraines?
If your answer to this question is, “I don’t even know,” or “So much better (different),” than this information is for you!

You see, I work with people everyday just like you, in convincing them that life is not meant to just survive through; it is meant to THRIVE through.

Throbbing, or pulsating pain, sensitivity to light, nausea and vomiting, blurred vision, and lack of energy are all the top symptoms most associated and seen with headaches, and migraines, but the real tragedy is what these prevent YOU from being able to do.

I recently had a wonderful lady come into my office seeking relief from migraines that she had been suffering from for over 5 years. She is a mother to a one and a half year little boy, and her migraines were preventing her from being the mother she wanted to be. Because the only thing she felt like she could do was lay in bed, and just try to survive through the day, it was limiting her ability to take her son to the park (because of the sensitivity to light and fatigue); to have his first birthday party at a place like Chuck “E’ Cheese (because of the amount of loud noise triggering a migraine); to spend time in the evenings with her son (because work was so exhausting that she would just come home, and go to sleep). You see, migraines had taken her life from her, and in turn, had made her feel hopeless, and ashamed, which also affected her marriage, and relationship with her husband, and everybody around her.

She tried medications like Emitrex, and Toradol, and they did help with symptoms, but the problem was they had side effects that put her in the same spot, as the migraine itself. After 6 months of us monitoring the top two bones in her neck, and her nervous system, we were able to give her a 50% reduction in both the frequency and intensity of the migraines she was getting. This allowed her to take her son to the park on the weekend, pain-free, come home after work, and play in the yard with him, pain-free, and rekindle her self-worth in making her marriage whole again.

The moral of the story is this: whether it is being able to hike, being able to read, being able to have a glass of wine every now and then, or being able to perform your job adequately; headaches, and migraines DO NOT have to be your kryptonite. There is a place designed specifically for you, and getting you back to thriving in life, instead of just surviving at the expense of head pain. We are here, and ready to partner with you on whatever your goals are, and what it is you hope to be able to do without headaches, and migraines limiting your full expression of who you are. Don’t just live with it. Life is too short, and we certainly aren’t promised tomorrow. Become empowered, and don’t just take, “learn to live with it,” as an excuse. Our doors are open specifically for YOU (no pun intended)!

Yours in health,

Dr. Grant, drgrantdennis.com, 501-420-2815