Welcome to the post-adjustment recuperation suite!

These are equipped with three zero-gravity resting chairs. This is an important component of the upper cervical specific chiropractic setting.

After we give a correction, we want to make sure this correction holds as long as we can possibly get it to in the area of the upper cervical spine – because the longer we can get the adjustment to hold, the longer that the nerve system is operating effectively.

In other words, the brain and the body communication is staying a hundred percent – or as effective as we can get it to for as long as we can get it to. Receiving an adjustment indicates there’s a problem in the system.  Therefore, the longer we can get the adjustment to hold, it means the longer that the system, the nervous system in this case, is functioning effectively.

After all of our patients get a correction, we rest them in the zero-gravity position in order to get the correction to hold it as long as we possibly can.

Now, of course, we’re going to take a thermographic scan after this, which also is going to let us know whether the adjustment was actually effective and efficient for this particular patient.

That’s why the zero gravity chair and the recuperation suite is one of the most important components to upper cervical specific chiropractic care.