The laser-aligned digital motion x-ray is a key component of the upper cervical specific care analysis that we use here at The Specific Chiropractic Centers.

There’s a couple of main reasons why the motion x-ray laser aligned and digitally is very important to the analysis we use.

First off, it makes sure that because of the nature of the delicacy of the upper two bones in the neck that we’re making the corrections as precisely as we possibly can, based on what we see on the x-ray. More so than what we actually feel.

The second thing is we send all of our digital x-rays off to radiologists to make sure that we get a report back clearing it of any pathologies, dislocations, fractures, or contraindications to making sure that the correction that we give is safe, effective, and specific.

And the third and most important reason is there are two things that we’re never willing to risk in this office. And first is the patient’s health, which is the most important thing. And the second is our reputation. So taking precision laser aligned digital x-rays here in the office and in the initial evaluation setting makes sure that we’re only getting the best and the most precise corrections for our patients, which ultimately helped them as it relates to their migraines.